Discover The Simple, Easy To Use Shade Solution

Perfect for beach, events, camping and outdoor adventure

Proudly Australian made and owned

Solid steel construction

Takes less than a minute to setup

Easily compactiable for stow away storage

TowBrolly has been seen at

4x4 show

Discover more amazing features

Quality Steel

Australian made solid steel construction & powder coated for durability

Easily Adjustable 

Adjust TowBrolly to the left, middle or right of your vehicle per shade requirement

TowBrolly Shade Solution

One Size Fits All

TowBrolly fits all cars and 4X4 towbars. Just drop and lock.

Easy Setup

TowBrolly quick and simple design means no ropes, no poles and no stress. Too easy mate.

Only $169.00

price includes GST

How TowBrolly Works

Step 1

Place TowBrolly on your standard towball and choose your position for shade requirements. TowBrolly has 180 degree movement.

TowBrolly Step 1
Step 2 TowBrolly Extension

Step 2

Extend TowBrolly arm to suit your vehicle, clearing tail gates and doors when open. Place TowBrolly table at end of extension making sure it’s firmly in place.

*Table is optional

Step 3

Once you have chosen your shaded area position, you now tighten locking bolt securing TowBrolly in place. If you wish to move TowBrolly to a new position simply un-tighten locking bolt and move to desired position.

TowBrolly Step 3 Lock
TowBrolly Step 4

Step 4

The final step, just simply slide your umbrella into the holder ( located towards the end of TowBrolly), voila you now have your TowBrolly shade solution. Enjoy the serenity mate.

Who The Heck Are We

We’re an Australian made product and damn proud of it.

Our mission, to provide a simple solution that only Australians would appreciate and as Australians we love nothing more than a weekend away, a day at the footy, a swim at the beach and a picnic at the park. We believe it would be Un-Australian not to enjoy the great outdoors wouldn’t you agree ? But as we know the outdoors has it’s set backs, sun and rain.

As one of the hottest continents in the world, shade from the sun is important, thus we designed a simple solution to solve all our problems. When it comes to quick and easy shade setup that requires no ropes, poles, tarps and anything else that wastes time, TowBrolly is your go to shade solution..

Australian Made

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TowBrolly Require Maintenance ?

TowBrolly is made from the finest steel and powder coated for durability but we do insist you maintain the finer fittings of TowBrolly.

  • Keep all bolt threads and nuts  lubricated with grease or spray lubricant (WD40 or similar.
  • Do not use water to hose out inside of  TowBrolly  assembly ,wipe down and use only spray lubricant (WD40  or similar
  • Clean outer surfaces with light spray polish ( Mr Sheen ) or similar
  • Always use both locking bolts supplied to fix TowBrolly to tow-ball
  • Always tighten bottom telescopic adjustment bolt in any position

Is there a refund policy ?

Unless you’re superhuman there is very little chance that Towbrolly will break under normal conditions. In fact we guarantee this. We do however offer a refund policy if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Please click here to read our refund policy.

How do I use TowBrolly ?

TowBrolly was designed to provide simple shade and protection from the sun and not for protection from tropical storms so here are a few important things we would like to note.

What size umbrella do i need ?

We recommend a 38mm umbrella. You can purchase this at any Bunning’s warehouse store located throughout Australia or online.

Only $169.00

price includes GST

Our Australian Guarantee To You

Made from the finest steel crafted to perfection, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our TowBrolly product. If by some strange reason you’re not happy with your purchase send it back within 14 days of purchase and we will offer a refund.

TowBrolly Guarantee